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Valley of Flowers trek : Best Monsoon Trek


The Valley of Flowers trek is one of the most popular treks from India to the Himalayas. People who have not even set foot in the Himalayas have heard of the Valley of Flowers trek. But there’s a solid reason behind Valley Of Flowers legendary popularity: it’s one of India’s oldest known treks.

In 1980, the Indian government established the Valley of Flowers National Park and later, in 2002, it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This has propelled the Valley of Flowers into the wish list of hikers around the world.

It should be noted that trekking in the Valley of Flowers is not easy. This is a moderate level trek, with slightly longer trekking days and a steep climb to Hemkund Sahib that will test your endurance. So prepare well for this trek.Now you start to see a variety of flowers. Not only in colors, but also in shapes, sizes, texture and smell. A few dozen steps lead you to a whole new variety of flowers. You wonder who brought them here. What caused the variety to change?It was also interesting to see the large fauna changing with the flora changing.

You feel part of the multitude of flowers in the valley. The cool mountain breeze from the glacial end of the valley brought with it scents I had never experienced before.

The Ascent and Hemkund Sahib

Valley Of Flowers trek is a moderate route, but the ascent to Hemkund challenges you to take it to the next level. In 6 km, you gain nearly 4,000 feet. This not only introduces a new challenge, but also takes you to a scenic area you never expected.

The entrance to the Alpine space by climbing to Hemkund.On the way up, you can almost get a drone or helicopter view of Ghangaria and the Valley of Flowers. You can see where you came from and where you went the day before. A bird’s eye view also puts a lot of perspective into the landscape.

Valley of Flowers Climb to Hemkund Sahib

The Path from the Valley of Flowers to Hikind Sahib

As you climb steeply, you go through different experiences. Leaving the tree line, entering the alpine meadows, feeling the thin air and gazing at the sheer alpine cliffs.

Clouds reveal pristine Hemkund Lake

Once in Hemkund Sahib, the calm of the lake and surrounding mountains stuns you. The majestic lake reflecting its surroundings – the mountains and the Gurudwara make you reflect with gratitude for the whole journey.For many, it is a time of silent reflection throughout their lives.

The cultural experience

The Valley of Flowers is not just a hike. Along with a hike through the beautiful valley, it shows you an incredible journey of faith undertaken by humans. See young, middle-aged, old, kids, toddlers on this incredible ascent to the lake at 14,000 feet. Many take the support of ponies or even porters, but some of them climb on their own.

It was Good to see the volunteers sweeping each section of the path to keep it clean and working on Hemkund Sahib Gurdwara in freezing temperatures.It was a wonderful feeling to wake up at dawn in Ghangaria with the calls for the Sikh Gurudwara parade. Trekking shows you a world you wouldn’t otherwise see. 

Something important about the valley of flowers trek

You can’t camp

Camping is an integral part of a great trekking experience for me. Unfortunately, the Valley of Flowers trek does not offer this experience. Ghangaria is on the pilgrim’s trail to Hemkund to accommodate hundreds of people and therefore a modern accommodation infrastructure is essential.Camping is not authorized by the authorities. 

The Valley of Flowers is a very ecologically sensitive place. No one can stay in the valley overnight. No animal can enter the valley. Given these restrictions, it is not practical to camp anywhere during the trek.

Countless shops selling packaged goods

On the way to Hemkund Sahib, we see countless dhaba and shops selling food and packaged goods.While we can say that the massive influx requires supply. Freely available packaged goods everywhere just means prolific waste everywhere.

Important points to know  about the Valley of flowers trek

  • As the Valley of flowers is a monsoon trek, there are possibilities of roadblocks due to landslides. Take this into account by adding a buffer day to your travel plan.

Please note: In the event of a detour or a one-night stopover following a landslide, the additional travel and accommodation costs will be at your expense.

  • BSNL network available . Thereafter, there will be no more nets on path
  • The stay for all days of this trek will be at the lodge. You will not be camping in a tent.
  • It is mandatory for trekkers to bring a copy of their photo ID for entry to forest checkpoints during the trek.

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